Always On Monitoring

Great for live channel video streams. Select Always On Monitoring to deliver 24x7 coverage for your important channel live streams!

Periodic Monitoring

Great for large VOD entertainment libraries. Scheduled Monitoring is a smart way to ensure top quality on-demand playback and alert you to performance changes.

Scheduled Monitoring

Great for live sports and prime viewing hours. Scheduled Monitoring is a smart way to ensure top quality experiences for big matches and primetime show coverage!

Always On Monitoring

Always On Monitoring Profiles are perfect for live TV channel simulcasts. See your video quality of service scores (vQoS) in real time alongside our unique 7 Day Quality Forecast. Video Assure lets you customize mobile and email alerts based on the specific streaming metrics that you want to track. Open your Video Assure account today.

All Day Coverage

24x7 monitoring for all your video services. Rest easy, Video Assure has you covered!

Fully Configurable

Insert your streaming URLs, start and end date, stream formats, and your insights start flowing in real time.

Secure Profiles

You control your channels, profiles, alert settings, and receives alerts by SMS and email.

Custom Reporting

Control of your Monitoring Profiles, as well as access to all of your account information and billing.

Periodic Monitoring

Perfect for large Video on Demand (VOD) libraries. You can customize your Periodic Monitoring Profiles to check in every 30 minutes, or every few hours. You can set up unlimited Period Monitoring Profiles for your VOD libraries around the globe. Ensure those videos assets are loading fast and delivering quality viewing experiences.

Periodic Monitoring

Schedule Video Assure profiles to check in throughout the day.

Video Playlist

Check different videos on each visit to ensure playback fidelity across the entire VOD Library.

vQoS Scores

Always deliver the quality experiences that your audiences demand.

DRM Management

Control All Security Token Keys from one centralized DRM dashboard.

Scheduled Monitoring

Users demand high quality video experiences across all video streaming touchpoints. Now you have the advantage of real time insights and predictive analytics to meet those expectations. You can customize your Scheduled Monitoring Profiles to activate for a specific time window to cover a prime time viewing event such as weekend sports or primetime TV viewing hours. You can set up unlimited Scheduled Monitoring Profiles for your service, all with real-time Quality of Service (QoS) scoring, and custom alerts. Open your video assure account today.

Scheduled Monitoring

Gives the coverage you want, whenever you want. Perfect for Video on Demand. libraries.

Fully Configurable

Set your streaming URLs and report intervals - minutes to hours. Your insights start right away.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor key Quality Metrics to ensure your video streaming is delivering the best experiences to your audience.

Custom Alerts

Customize alerts based on QoS or your preferred metrics. You will be alerted instantly of any changes.
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