Video Assure is the stream monitoring and analytics company that delivers an intuitive cloud-based stream monitoring service, real-time quality scoring, and configurable alerts to help broadcasters, operators, and media companies intelligently manage their global video streaming platforms.

Global real-time monitoring, alerts, and insights for your live and on-demand video streaming services.

Our Story

Video Assure was founded in 2017 in Singapore to serve the global Over-the-top video streaming industry. Video Assure was built by industry veterans who have directed live and on-demand video streaming solutions for globally leading enterprises.
Our Mission

Video Assure drives better monitoring and insights to optimize your video streaming experiences. Our Vision Our team is committed to empowering a new generation of Over-the-top (OTT) video services to deliver better multiscreen streaming experiences across the globe. We are driven to enhance overall OTT video industry performance and insights while making our employees, customers, and investors glad to be members of the Video Assure family.

Our Home

Video Assure is located in Singapore, with offices in Sydney, Australia.

Video Assure Pte Ltd
75 High Street
#03-01 The Co
Singapore 179435
Phone: +65 6595-6655