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What is Video Assure?

Global real-time monitoring of your live and on-demand video streams. Deliver better experiences powered by 7 day quality forecasts, proprietary vQoS scores, and remote live video monitoring. We know the value of delivering industry leading experiences for your audience.

How Does It Work?

Video Assure can be rapidly configured, and deployed across all of your streaming services in every geography. The system creates virtual Video Assure Agents (VAA) who visit your video streaming services and report back on a robust set of performance and quality metrics. Choose to monitor your services at pre-set times, or 24x7. 

Machine Learning

Understand how your OTT network is performing now, and into the future. Video Assure delivers 7 day video quality forecasts powered by Azure Machine Learning and custom R Scripts. The quality forecast uses our proprietary vQoS formulas and predictive modelling techniques to intelligently project future video stream quality and performance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Video Assure offers a monthly flat rate for Stream Monitoring Profiles anywhere in the world. Our fees include monitoring, reporting, email and SMS alerts. Use our Pricing Calculator to see your exact monthly charges.

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