About Video Assure

Video Assure is the media industry’s first predictive digital video quality forecasting solution. Video Assure delivers a 7 day quality forecast, remote video stream viewing, custom video quality of service scoring (vQoS), and instant alerts to help broadcasters and media companies intelligently manage their global video streaming services.

How It Works?

Video Assure can be rapidly configured, and deployed across all of your live streams and VOD content libraries. Locally monitor your streams, in real time, from 100’s of locations. Configure automated alerts based on specific values including low bit rate, high rebuffer rate, or slow start up time.

What does it do?

Video Assure can be rapidly configured, and deployed across all of your streaming services in every geography. The system creates virtual Video Assure Agents (VAA) who visit your video streaming services and report back on a robust set of performance and quality metrics. Choose to monitor your services at pre-set times, or 24x7.

How Much Does It Cost?

Video Assure offers a monthly flat rate for Stream Monitoring Profiles anywhere in the world. Our fees include monitoring, reporting, email and SMS alerts. Use our Pricing Calculator to see your exact monthly fees.

Who is it for?

Video Assure was designed for Broadcasters, Rights Holders, and Publishers across the global. Now they can monitor their streaming services in real time from 1000’s of locations in real-time. 

Why use Video Assure?

There are many benefits to using Video Assure:

1. Flexible, intelligent, automated monitoring for all of your streaming services - on demand, or all the time.
2. Always be the first to know then there are changes on your video streaming services.
3. React Quickly and accurately to identify and correct streaming issues.
4. Ensure you are delivering the finest quality video streams 24/7/365.
5. Video Quality of Service (VQoS) Insights help you deliver superior multi-screen user experiences to all of your customers.
6. Comprehensive Reports tracking your streaming service KPIs and performance over time.

What is Periodic Monitoring?

Perfect for large Video on Demand (VOD) libraries. You can customize your Periodic Monitoring Profiles to check in every 30 minutes, or every few hours. You can set up unlimited Period Monitoring Profiles for your VOD libraries around the globe. Ensure those videos assets are loading fast and delivering quality viewing experiences.

What is Scheduled Monitoring?

Users demand high quality video experiences across all video streaming touchpoints. Now you have the advantage of real time insights and predictive analytics to meet those expectations. You can customize your Scheduled Monitoring Profiles to activate for a specific time window to cover a prime time viewing event such as weekend sports or primetime TV viewing hours. You can set up unlimited Scheduled Monitoring Profiles for your service, all with real-time Quality of Service (QoS) scoring, and custom alerts. Open your video assure account today.

What is Always on Monitoring?

Always On Monitoring Profiles are perfect for live TV channel simulcasts. See your video quality of service scores (vQoS) in real time alongside our unique 7 Day Quality Forecast. Video Assure lets you customize mobile and email alerts based on the specific streaming metrics that you want to track. Open your Video Assure account today.

What Are Video Assure Alerts?

Video Assure Alerts contact you in case of performance changes that require your attention. Choose to be contacted by email, SMS, or both. Always be the first to know! You can set up your Always On Monitoring Profile in less than 10 Minutes and start enjoying peace of mind. Set up your first Always On Monitoring Profile today. It's 100% Free!

Are there Tablet and Mobile Versions?

The Video Assure service is based on responsive design, and will work on all devices from PCs to Smart Phones. We are working to produce a mobile App in the near future.

How to get started?

Open your account at Videoassure.com, and build your first Monitoring Profile. Here is how you get started:
1. Name your first monitoring profile
2. Enter the URL of your Streaming Service
3. Choose Scheduled or Always On Monitoring Profiles
4. Choose Your Preferred City Around the World
5. Select Your Preferred Profile - PC & APPs
6. Select Your Proffered Contact for Alerts (SMS/Email)
7. Start Your First Test
8. Rest Assured that our Virtual Agents Will Alert You to Any Issues

Video Assure Dictionary

Commonly used terms on the Video Assure service are explained here:

i) Average Bit Rate

This metric shows average bit rate at which content was delivered across the entire audience in a given time frame.

ii) Video Start-up Time

The Video Start-up Time is the number of seconds between when Video Assure monitoring begins and when the first frame of video is played. You will see the average start up time for each monitoring profile result.

iii) Video Assure QoS Terms

How we measure Quality of Service includes a combination of performance metrics we are monitoring from your streams. These include Average Bit Rate, Current Bit Rate, Max Bit Rate, Bit Rate Fluctuation, Start-up Time, Rebuffer Length, Rebuffering Ratio, Play Fail incidents, and more.

iv) Exit Before Video Start or EBVS

The Exits as % of Attempts (also known as Exits Before Video Starts) metric measures the number of viewing attempts that were terminated -- typically by the viewer -- before the first frame of a video is displayed and without an error being generated. This metric is the percent of attempts by CDN, asset, and ASN.

v) Rebuffering Ratio (%)

This metric displays the Rebuffer Ratio (the percentage of video viewing time when viewers experience rebuffering after Start-up Time). If the percentage of Rebuffering Time rises too high during monitoring, then an alarm is triggered.
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