Enhanced Streaming Experiences Powered by Machine Learning

Video Assure is the media industry’s first predictive digital video quality forecasting solution. Video Assure delivers a 7 day quality forecast, remote video stream viewing, custom video quality of service scoring (vQoS), and instant alerts to help broadcasters and media companies intelligently manage their global video streaming services.
Video Assure can be rapidly configured, and deployed across all of your live streams and VOD content libraries. Locally monitor your streams, in real time, from 100’s of locations. Configure automated alerts based on specific values including low bit rate, high rebuffer rate, or slow start up time.
Realize higher advertising revenues by serving more ads per user, and longer per user viewing times. Build your base of happy streaming subscribers, who generate greater lifetime value.

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7 Day Quality Forecast

Industry first 7 day quality forecast for your streams, based on our vQoS scoring algorithm, and powered by Machine Learning.

Remote Viewing

Now you can instantly connect to your streams locally, in any city where you have a monitoring profile. See what your viewers are seeing… live.

24x7 Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind as Video Assure has you covered, ensuring your service is delivering quality video experience 24x7.

Relevant Insights

Video Quality of Service (QoS) scores ensures you are delivering superior multi-screen experiences to your customers.
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